Routine Wellness Exam


At Hulen Hills Animal Hospital, we provide the highest-quality medical care available. This includes the services provided during our routine Annual and Bi-Annual Wellness Exams. Wonder why we encourage a visit to the vet every six months? The answer is quite simple — pets age so quickly. For example, your loyal canine companion ages seven years for every one human year. If you were to bring your dog in for a routine visit only once a year, it would be the same as taking your child to the pediatrician every seven years.  Regular Wellness visits during the course of your pet’s lifetime will help keep them in your life just as long as possible. (Please note: a nurse will present you with an estimate of related fees for your approval prior to the Wellness Exam.)

 12 point exam.indd

Although many clinics simply administer vaccines during these routine visits, we provide much more. At Hulen Hills, a Wellness Exam begins with a 12-point physical exam by the veterinarian that assesses the pet’s health from the tip of its nose to the tip of its tail. You may think that the doctor is just rubbing your pet’s belly, but what they are really doing is much more significant. You may be surprised to know that with every touch, our doctors are palpating the abdomen, feeling your pet’s organs, and searching for masses or abnormalities. This exam of all 12 major body systems allows the veterinarian to determine the best vaccination protocol for each individual patient based on their age, health and risks.blood-draw-2

During our exam, we take samples from your pet to run tests that help our doctors assess their overall health more accurately. We begin with blood work, because often times this reveals many things that can’t be found during a physical exam. This kind of test reveals to our doctors a window into your pet’s body. When our pets get sick or develop a disease, their natural instincts kick in and they do everything they can to hide that they aren’t feeling well. When symptoms do dr-d-pefinally emerge, the condition has often progressed. By running blood work every year, we can set a healthy baseline, can diagnosis a disease in its earliest stages, and can prescribe medicines or a treatment plan to keep your pet on a healthy path.

Other tests that are routinely run during a Wellness Exam include a Fecal Test, which checks for internal parasites, and a Urinalysis that can reveal any liver or kidney abnormalities, including the presence of crystals or bacteria in the urine.


Last, but certainly not least, our doctors administer the vaccines needed to protect your best friend from so many diseases and illnesses, as well as a dewormer, which kills intestinal parasites. For more information regarding vaccines, please click on Vaccinations to the left.