Health Certificates

If you have plans to travel with your pet, it is important to check with the authorities at your destination concerning any specific vaccinations and/or quarantine requirements. If you are traveling by air, it is also essential that you contact the airline prior to departure. Most airlines require the issuance of a Health Certificate by an attending veterinarian no earlier than 10 days prior to the air travel. This requires a full physical examination of your pet. The Health Certificate includes the following information:

  • Proof of Rabies Vaccination
  • Statement of Health
  • Statement of Acclimation (describes tolerable temperatures)
  • States that your pet has not bitten anyone in the past 10 days

Sedatives are also important for those animals who can become easily stressed in an unfamiliar environment.

*Remember that health certificates are usually only good for 10 days so be sure to schedule your appointment a few days before you travel.