Estimate for Fees



Prior to performing any medical procedure, our nurses will prepare an estimate for you to approve. As the patient’s condition changes, the doctor’s plan may flex and change as well. If additional funds become necessary, our nurses will contact you to get additional approval.

Comparing Apples to Apples

We know that clients call different clinics to compare prices on medical procedures. When doing this, we want to encourage you to make sure the estimates you receive compare “apples to apples,” and that the clinic you choose provides the quality of care that best meets your needs:


  • A quote you get from Hulen Hills Animal Hospital for a surgical procedure will always include a pre-anesthetic physical exam and blood work to ensure your pet is healthy enough for surgery and won’t have any life-threatening reactions to anesthesia. Some other clinics don’t take these kinds of precautionary measures.


  • We utilize a nurse who continually monitors your pet’s heart rate and respiratory rate during surgery. Other practices that offer cheaper estimates may simply have the veterinarian monitor the pet while he or she also performs the surgery.


  • At Hulen Hills, trained personnel monitor the recovery of our patients. Other clinics that you receive an estimate from may not utilize an employee to monitor the patient through the recovery process.


  • If your pet requires 24-hour hospitalization, we are one of the few clinics in the metroplex that has an overnight staff on duty to care for your pet’s ever-changing needs throughout the night. Other clinics that provide cheaper estimates turn the lights off at 6 p.m. and return the next morning to resume caring for your pet.


  • Our estimates include pain injections and take-home pain medicines. Our goal is to take every step available to prevent and/or eliminate pain during any procedure. Some clinics don’t include pain meds in the original estimate. Instead, they only utilize pain meds when the client requests them.