Declaw Procedure & Aftercare


The Procedure:

Declawing involves removing the distal phalanx of each toe (the part that the nail attaches to). A high grade medical adhesive is then used to close the skin of the toes. Sutures are not needed. Compression bandages are then placed on each paw and left overnight. Your pet will spend the night with us and the next morning the bandages will be removed and the toes evaluated. Appropriate pain medicine will be administered prior to the surgery and for a few days following surgery to ensure your cat is comfortable.


If declawing is necessary for your cat, we encourage doing this procedure while the animal is young. This will allow for less pain and a faster recovery. In general, we recommend only declawing the front paws, as these cause the majority of destruction. After the procedure, your cat should be an indoor cat as his main defenses are now gone.


Pain medication will be necessary for your cat for a few days following the procedure. This will help her body recover faster. Special litter called “Yesterday’s News” must also be used for two weeks following surgery. “Yesterday’s News” is newspaper rolled into tiny balls that feels like litter to your cat but does not pose the risk for infection in the paws. After about 2 weeks your cat should be completely healed from declaw surgery.