Anesthesia & Surgery


Your pet’s safety is our primary concern. Hulen Hills Animal Hospital takes numerous steps to ensure safety while your pet is under anesthesia. Every surgical patient in our hospital must have a pre-surgical blood test. This test helps us discover any problems with your pet’s vital organs that could lead to complications during anesthesia or surgery.

cat-gasHulen Hills Animal Hospital customizes each anesthetic protocol to the specific needs of the individual patient, by considering their age, size, and health risks. In addition, our hospital uses the safest forms of gas anesthesia available. This anesthesia does not have to be metabolized by the body, and therefore allows your pet to awaken more quickly from anesthesia, and lessens the anesthesia ‘hangover’ effect.

All surgical patients are closely monitored with advanced equipment including an EKG and pulse oximeter. Fluids are continuously administered to surgical patients through an IV

Fluid therapy helps maintain blood pressure, support the kidneys, and provide quick access for emergency medication, should the need arise. Hulen Hills Animal Hospital is unique from many vet clinics in that a nurse anesthetist is required to stay with a patient throughout the anesthetic procedure.

Hulen Hills Animal Hospital is on the cutting edge of pain management. Our goal is to ensure not only a speedy, but a pain- and anxiety-free recovery for our patients, by using the most advanced analgesics and pain relief medication.