Treats Can Add Pounds to Pets

Portly pets dig their treats. It’s not just the treat they love, but the pagentry that surrounds getting it — the click of the pantry door, the sweet sound of their owner’s voice declaring what a good dog they are, the slight pause of the treat just shy of their awating tounge. But owner beware, a few treats here and there add up and can be the source of your pets added baggage.  When a medium-size dog is allotted 500 calories a day, just a few 50 calorie treats a day really makes an impact on his waistline!

Our doctors want you to know that dogs can love low calorie treats, too. A green bean or a baby carrot are just a few calories a piece. And an ice cube is free! Just make sure the show remains the same. After all, it’s your love and attention that they really crave most of all.

Just check out the calorie count of some of the most popular treats that we give our dogs:

Fast Food Treats

McDonald’s Hamburger 260 calories

McDonald’s Cheeseburger 310 calories

1  McDonald’s Chicken Nugget 42 calories

Sonic Vanilla Ice Cream Cone 180 calories


Small Biscuit 20 calories

Medium Biscuit 40 calories

Large Biscuit 115 calories

Extra Large Biscuit 225 calories

Grillin’ Bites 30 calories


Liver Snaps 13 calories

Al’s Grill Treats 35 calories


Beggin’ Strips 30 calories

Busy Bone – Dental Bone Large 600 calories

Busy Bone – Dental Bone Small 309 calories

Cheweez Chew Strips 60 calories

Cheweez Rolls Small with Meaty Middles 171 calories

Cheweez Rolls Large with Meaty Middles 211 calories

TBonz 42 calories

Purina One

Adult Biscuits 33 calories

Large Breed Biscuits 84 calories

Healthy Weight Biscuites 26 calories


DentaBones Small 105 calories

DentaBones Medium 188 calories

DentaBones Large 300 calories

Jumbone small 270 calories

Jumbone regular 560 calories

MarrowBone 39 calories

Scooby Snacks

Zoinks Bone 22 calories

Burger 22 calories

Drumsticks 19 calories

Cheese Wedge 18 calories

Mystery Machine 45 calories

French Fry 9 calories

Meaty Bones

Small 27 calories

Medium 60 calories

Large 93 calories


PupPeroni 24 calories

Snausages 25 calories

Jerky Treats 21 calories