Extreme Mutt Makeover — Helping Homeless Dogs During Tough Times

The following is a letter sent to our clients from Dr. Hotchkiss on 9/15/11.

Given the current economic challenges and the uncertainty it creates in all of our lives, I wanted to thank you for allowing us the privilege of caring for your pets. I know that you have many choices of veterinary care available to you and that you spend your hard-earned dollars with great care and scrutiny. I am extremely grateful for your loyalty and trust. My desire is to continue to provide your pets with quality care that you can depend upon.

As budgets become tighter, and jobs continue to be lost, many families are making the hard decision to surrender their pets to shelters. It’s a sad reality. Our shelters are filled with great pets who are victims of a struggling economy. This weekend, dogs destined to live, or more likely, die in a North Texas animal shelter will receive a new “leash” on life as the Mustang Heritage Foundation (MHF) and the North Texas Humane Society team up to host Extreme Mutt Makeover 2011.

Rachel, our trainer at The Grand Pet Resort and Salon, was chosen to participate in this unique event. Fifteen trainers were assigned a shelter dog through random draw and were given eight weeks to train it. These duos are gathering at Will Rogers Coliseum this weekend to compete for prizes and show off the dogs’ skills in front of many potential adopters. As the MHF Executive Director Patti Colbert said, “This is taking rescue to an extreme by including accomplished dog trainers in the lives of these abandoned and unwanted animals, proving that they can be truly valuable to the lives of the adopters.”

Rachel was partnered up with Hitch, a 1 ½ year old American Pit Bull Terrier. He was discovered at the ASPCA in Solano County, CA, where he’d lived since he was a young puppy. He was chosen for this competition by a canine trainer for the federal government who recognized a focus in Hitch that he couldn’t pass up. He packed Hitch up and brought him to Texas where he’s been living and training in the lap of luxury at The Grand! It has been a pleasure watching his potential come to fruition. He’s a great dog deserving of an owner who can provide him with the home he’s never had. Click on the video link below to meet our Extreme Mutt. 

Are You a Fit for Hitch?

Rachel and Hitch welcome your support this weekend at the Extreme Mutt Makeover. Thank you again, for your loyalty! It truly is an honor partnering with you through all phases of your pet’s life journey.


Dr. Steve Hotchkiss

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