Blood Work: A Window into the Body

One of the things that makes Hulen Hills stand out from other vet clinics is our belief that running routine blood work is important. So important, in fact, that we strongly recommend it during annual wellness exams and absolutely require it prior to any surgical procedure.

A blood test reveals to our doctor a window into the body. When our pets get sick, their natural instincts kick in and they do everything they can to hide that they aren’t feeling well. Prior to any anesthetic procedure, our veterinarians will order blood work. Although it adds to the cost of the procedure, the results enable us to understand fully the health status of your pet before anesthetizing him. In some cases, we spot problems that need to be dealt with before going forth with the surgery.

Such is the case with two patients who recently were scheduled for surgery. Blood work revealed that Avery, a 6-month old Labrador who was scheduled to be neutered, was anemic. If our doctor had proceeded to surgery without checking his blood, Avery’s anemic condition would have left him at a heightened risk under anesthesia. Instead, Dr. Dailey postponed Avery’s neuter and went to work to uncover what was causing his lowered red blood count.

Dr. Nigliazzo was preparing to perform an Ovariohysterectomy on a seemingly healthy 5-month old puppy. He was surprised to see the results of the pre-anesthetic blood work, which revealed that this sweet baby had cancer. Although on the surface she appeared healthy, we can only imagine how difficult it would have been for her to endure the surgery that was scheduled and to recover smoothly. We postponed her spay and are now focused on an appropriate treatment plan to help her overcome this disease.

These are two wonderful examples of how routine blood work pays off by allowing our doctors a clear window into the body. It’s just one more step we take to ensure an underlying issue doesn’t jeopardize your pet during routine surgery.